Stage 2
11:15 - 12:00
New directions in visual storytelling


The session subject will be a discussion on “New directions in visual storytelling,” and will focus on alternative production and distribution paths for documentary, visual storytelling, and photojournalism in the context of networked, online communities. We will discuss several online multimedia platforms that encourage user production, editing, and creation, and show elements of several projects.

We expect the discussion to range from aesthetic implications of new forms, to reaching audiences in different ways, to participation. Together we will explore the effect of technological change on the aesthetics, production methods, distribution, and social impact of visual storytelling.

The discussants will be Ivan Sigal, Executive Director of Global Voices, and a photographer working in the tradition of long-form still-image narratives and Bjarke Myrthu, the creator of the online multimedia editing and presentation software Storyplanet, and formerly the Executive Editor of Magnum in Motion.